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Potential Board Sponsor,

he Spirit River & District Ag Society currently has openings for arena board advertising in the MacLean Rec Center in Spirit River. We welcome firms and businesses to display their company’s message and logo for the sum of $500.00/ year, plus the cost of the sign.

Our small group of volunteers work hard to maintain, improve and keep this facility available to the entire community.

Your annual fee of $500.00 will help in the general day to day operations and the ongoing maintenance to keep the facility in top condition.

If you are interested in supporting in another alternative fashion to the local Spirit River and District Ag Society, please feel free to contact:

  • Mel Vollman President - 780-864-0114
  • Didy Konstapel Treasurer– 780-864-0730

We sincerely thank you for making a difference and supporting our community.

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